Plain Folly
Producer: Tom Schenk (Tankraum Studio) & Irina Kühn
Number of discs: 1

Concerning the production of her 4-track EP “Fortuities”, musician and singer Irina Kühn teamed up with producer Tom Schenk (Mini Moustache, Gravity Saints, Eyes of Solace, Stone the Crow). Whereas, on the record, Irina plays all instruments herself, including guitars, piano, electric bass and bass synthesizer, upcoming german drummer Moritz Müller (The Intersphere) was responsible for the beat.

“Fortuities” mixes the energy, atmosphere and sound of bands like Mutemath, Dredg and The Intersphere, adding some brand-new and unexpected components. But if you really want to get to know Plain Folly, there is just one thing to do: listen.

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