You are a melody in my head. („Afterglow“)

Plain Folly is the musical project of Irina Kühn, musician, singer and songwriter from Stuttgart (Germany). Not only is she the voice, heart and head of Plain Folly – she writes, composes and arranges all songs herself. Concerning the professional production of her first 4-track EP „Fortuities“, she teamed up with producer Tom Schenk (Mini Moustache, Eyes of Solace, Stone the Crow). Whereas, on the record, Irina plays all instruments by herself, including guitars, piano, electric bass and bass synthesizer, the sought-after studio and live drummer Moritz Müller (The Intersphere, Joris, Julia Neigel, Gianna Nannini) is responsible for the beat.

I’m not easily impressed, but I tend to get obsessed. („Sold Out“)

Irina has been on the map of Stuttgart‘s music scene since she produced her first album all by herself in 2004/2005. During the following years, she performed her songs live as „Dawn“ with her own band, but also as an acoustic duo. Her second production, a self-titled Promo EP, followed some years later. Apart from Plain Folly, Irina works as a professional live and studio singer, musician and vocal coach in various genres such as pop, rock, R’n’B and musical ( Irina is currently working on a new Plain Folly album that will be released in 2022.

Whatever they may take, whatever they may find, cannot erase the colors of your mind. („One Step Ahead“)

Plain Folly mixes the energy, atmosphere and sound of bands like Mutemath, Dredg and The Intersphere with a female voice that reminds you of Paramore, Alanis Morissette or Tori Amos, adding some brand-new and unexpected components. But if you really want to get to know Plain Folly, there is only one thing to do: listen.

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